NAB Studio Hub Adapters by darklab - Traditional Profile

The front right black hub has the brushed aluminum center. The front left red hub has the leading edge accent. BLUE AND GOLD FINISHES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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  • Manufacturer: darklab

darklab NAB Studio Hub Adapters. These aluminum hubs enhance the functionality and precision of your machine and allow for ease when changing your tape reels . These andodized adapters are available in various colors to match or coordinate with your reels or tape deck; red, black, brushed aluminum and chrome. Sold in sets of two.

Buy a J-Corder Combo and save! J-Corder Combo is any combination of a set of NAB Hubs and two Tape Reels. You pick the finishes to mix or match. This includes both darklab and J-Corder products. This combination entitles you to a 10% discount.

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Price $250.00