Headblock Option - 1700 Auto Reverse Upgrade

  • Manufacturer: J-Corder

The factory glued together two very small heads to give you the erase and record function. These small heads will not perform up to the ability of a full size head.  The only advantage of the original design was it allowed you to record in both directions. A typical problem with any auto reverse machine is the sound quality and playback levels going forward and reverse are different from each other.  We solved that problem by eliminating the two erase/record heads that are glued together with one full-sized erase and one full-sized record head. This on its own improves the sound quality dramatically. After doing this upgrade you can only record going in  the forward direction.  Auto reverse playback operates as it came from the factory. The advantage to only recording in the forward direction ensures you that the sound quality and levels are perfectly matched when you play back in either direction. We have done several of these upgrades and the customers love the performance. 

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Price $895.00